In 1984 I hit the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex ready to start my career and my life as an adult. In 2014 I moved North to Mena Arkansas. In that 30 years I had a few careers, two marriages (a "starter marriage", and the real deal), two beautiful daughters, and found motorcycles again.  It had been about 22 years since I sold my Kawasaki KE 100 and I started off with a screaming Kawasaki ZL 900. Life was good!

The motorcycle bug bit hard and I intend to ride until I can't hold one up any more and then probably go to a trike. My Wife Melissa also was bitten by the same bug and we have spent many miles sharing our love for riding together. We found a group to ride with in the area and made many friends. over time, however, life in the big city was wearing on us. There were just too many people too much noise too much concrete and too much traffic! We wanted life to be simplier and not so aggressive.

We chose Mena because it's a very motorcycle friendly town and there are many residents that moved here from somewhere else so it was more accepting of outsiders. It was also like stepping back to the time I remember growing up. People actually say 'please', 'thank you', 'excuse me', etc. in everyday contact. You tend not to experience that in very large cities where everyone is in a hurry and stressed out. We love it here!

Late 2019 I started watching You Tube videos of which many were about motorcycles and riding. Making those videos looked like fun, but I thought I needed some purpose to my videos other than just showing others how much fun I am having.  So I thought I would also show what the area is like around Mena and help promote the area that we love.  So I started my adventure in motorcycle vlogging.



Ride on Mena​